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Party of One:  Figuring Out Your Finances-Solo

Party of One: Figuring Out Your Finances-Solo

| September 16, 2020
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“My day-to-day finances are on me.”

“Retirement is all on my shoulders.”

“I can’t depend on a man for my future.”

“It’s 100% my responsibility.”

While coming to terms with the idea that your money and your future is your sole responsibility, which can seem like a lot to handle, I have good news for you.  You don’t have to default into your future. don't have to figure your finances out alone!

You can surround yourself with supportive, like-minded people who’ll be there for you. Beyond supportive friends and family, you can form a team of professionals to help guide you in areas outside your comfort zone, like taxes, insurance,investing, and planning.

Typically, women come to me wondering if they’re on the right track, if they’re making mistakes, and want to know what else they should be doing.  Or, a woman knows she should be doing something, but doesn't know exactly what or where to start.  If this is you, we need to talk.

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But, don’t wait to find out if you’re on the right track to think about your dreams.  I encourage you to start dreaming and exploring the question, “What if…?”

If you’ve let go of your dreams, squashed your vision of what you really want, or kept yourself from even thinking about possibilities, I’m here and we need to talk.  


You’ve got choices and you can do anything you set your mind to.  My services encompass more than asset management.  Wealth management is about your entire picture; bridging the gap between what you've got and what you really want.

My question to you is this, “What do you really want?”

  • What brings you joy? 
  • What fulfills you? 
  • What do you look forward to doing? 
  • Who do you love spending time with?
  • If money were no object, what would you spend your time doing and who would you do it with?
  • What could make your quality of life even better?

You have the freedom to choose where you live, where you work, the income you make, how you spend your free time and who you spend your free time with.

My job is to help you align your money with the things you value most, so you can live your ideal life as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whatever phase of life you’re in today, I’ll help you understand where you’re at with your finances and guide you down the path to the quality of life you want.

Book your free 15 minute call to get started today.

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