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Christmas Simplified

Christmas Simplified

| December 11, 2017
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How I Started to Simplify

I've been on a journey toward simple living for the past decade. For me, it started in my kitchen. Cooking from scratch, using whole ingredients, ridding my pantry of needless and often processed foods. Then it moved from my kitchen to the rest of my home, decluttering and donating, choosing to consume less and appreciate more.

Simplicity Became a Part of Me

Slowly, simplicity became a part of me.  It spilled onto my schedule and the way I organized my days. It influenced what I read and what I watched. It even affected my faith, challenging me to pursue things of eternal value rather than chase a life devoid of meaning.

How Can I Simplify Christmas?

This year as the Christmas Season approached, I wondered how I could simplify Christmas for me and my family. Yes, I wanted to buy less stuff this year, but I also wanted to be intentional about the things we did buy and be purposeful in choosing the functions we attended.

Simplifying Christmas will look different for every person and family, but the starting point can look the same.

Questions to Ponder

Here are a few questions to reflect on as you move toward a simpler, and hopefully, more meaningful holiday this year:

Why do you celebrate Christmas? What does it mean to you?

What are the essential traditions that define you and your family? (Hint: prioritize these above all else).

What is motivating you to commit to various functions and purchasing specific gifts?

Do This

After spending some time reflecting and determining the important things that you will include in your Christmas this year, take out a piece of paper and pen and write a "Don't Do" list. What are the activities that add more noise than joy? Write those on the list. What traditions have returned year after year but no one knows why and they deplete your joy rather than add to it? Include those on your list. 

Simplify Defined

If you were to look up the word simplify in the dictionary, you would find this definition: to make less complex or complicated; make plainer or easier. The process of simplification can be a gift to you and your family, helping to make this already busy and loud time a little lighter and more enjoyable. 

As you begin simplifying your Christmas, I hope you find these closing thoughts inspiring. 


This material was prepared by Emily Gocke.  Emily Gocke is not affiliated with Kar-Mel Financial Planners or LPL Financial.  

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